Voy Cloak (female phantom, any pronouns)
Voy makes some bold style choices. He wears clothes made of his own membrane. That's pretty impractical, but it's totally worth it for the style points.
He does NOT like harsh lights. I imagine him being able to teleport, because darkness kinda does that. Keep in mind that he's really short.

Noir Katan (female, she/her)
A vampire, an architect, a writer, an entomologist, a composer... What hasn't Noir done? Well, you could argue she hasn't gotten a tan, but I mean, come on.
Visually, she is angular and monochrome. She sunburns REALLY quickly.

Becky Blonde (female, she/her)
Kind and gentle. Would totally call you a precious bean if given the chance. She thinks everything is cute. She'd even call a rock cute.
I don't have much to say about her.

Spectro Shine (transmasc, he/they)
Spectro, the coolest engineer on the block. He has an electrifying personality in every sense of the word.
Don't forget that static effect. You don't need the headphones, though. Swap them for glasses?

Wrian (male cyborg, he/it)
You can never tell if Wrian is joking, because he doesn't have any face to express it with. Often his curiosity gets the better of him.
He's faceless because I was thinking of a Minecraft YTer when I made him, and that channel's mascot is faceless.

Whiz (male phantom, he/it)
Whiz is a grade A troublemaker. He causes a ruckus wherever he goes. Wait... Who wrote this? Did Whiz write this?
His skeleton is two grey lines! He only shows up to play villain roles.

Frissa (female, she/her)
She's always wanted to fit in with other people, but her disability (absence of legs) causes her to not quite fit in, in this platformer of a world.
Often wears gloves, or a dress with straps. As it is now, her dress is strapless.

Levis Ion (male cyborg, he/him)
A 90'sy fellow who wants a career in acting, and collects vintages.
He has no head, but he puts a TV where the head would normally go. It usually shows two square white eyes on a teal background.

Indigel (nonbinary elf, haven't decided on pronouns)
An elf who's easily tired. Often they feel unlucky, but they have a heart of gold!
I don't know what to put here. Don't whitewash, I guess? I dunno.